A Charm in South Dompu; Lakei

So, the trip to Tambora was horrible, okay, fine, but it was a slapt for me to learn accepting and embracing the situation that (often, unfortunately) were not as planned.

We didn’t plan to go to Lakei beach (as in the photo), we were running out of budget, exhausted and wanted only have a good sleep in nice hostel in Dompu. We did, actually, it was nice until we found that we had swallen, itchy, irritation in whole over our body in the morning. Yup, our hostel was B&B (bugs on bed). We were suffered, irritated and longing to soak in the sea water. Thanks to our dear friends in Dompu who brough us there and treated us lunch (yeay! we were that broke)

Lakei beach itself is a heart warming and eyes spoiled spot in south of Dompu. It is more famous as good surfing spot


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