Quit Job and Traveling

Have you ever once in your life decided to pack up and go somewhere where you barely know with the people who you just knew yesterday ?

I did.

I quit my job and travel without knowing my future job would be and Tambora was my somewhere. It was one of memorable trip in my life, not because it was perfect and organized but because it was a  horrible trip, we saw nothing but the rain, rain, fog and rain again. Only in the first day we had a good weather to start the trek. Its dense forest, where i took the photo was so lovely before we knew there was a big invasion from leeches, trust me it was the hardest battle ever.

I couldn’t tell you exactly the timetable of this trip, because this was 5 years ago and i have sketchy memory about a whole trip not because it was horrible, No! haha, simply just because i didn’t write down the details. That’s why i write here a bit so that later i can always go back to those day where love, friendship, faith, and stubbornness sometimes took a big role more than your organized plan

Just for your overview, we started this trip from Bali, overland to Dompu, hike up to Tambora, down to Dompu South at the Lakei beach, then head back to Bali again by bus, cross the island to Java, hike up to Ijen in East Java and return to Jakarta by train crossing the beautiful landscape of Java land.

I’ll try to post more photos during our trip *crossed finger*



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