Need a Ride to Timbuktu?


Back to the period where Timbuktu (Tombouctou in French) was capital of Mali (1800..?), from this point in Zagora, it took 52 days riding a camel, crossing the Sahara to get to Timbuktu. They went there for trading as Zagoraand Mali were  rich region

Nowadays, most of the time only tourists who ride the camel. And how about the route? Since the border from Morocco to Algerie is closed (as Algerie decided to support West Sahara independent) however this historic route can not be done anymore. From Zagora there a lots of tour organiser who can arrange camel riding, excursion with 4wd and even overnight in the desert in bivuac/tent. But if you decide not to take it because you are self-discover kind of person, just like us (i know it sounds not usual but try to apprrciate their way of traveling), be brave of guide tour sharking in every corner of the city. Before you say yes for a cup of tea that they friendly offer, wisely think about  term of ‘selling hospitality’, it exists sometimes


3 thoughts on “Need a Ride to Timbuktu?

  1. I am writing a novel on the 52 journey between Zagora and Timbuktu. Is there any way that this journey could be possible these days? Say with a Tuareg leading the way? It’s very important for the plot. Even though it’s fiction there should be some authenticity in the narrative. Thank you.

    1. Hello Sherine

      I’m not sure, as now border between Algerie and Morocco is closed due to tension between them (Algerie supports West Sahara to be independent from Morocco). If you see the map, to reach Timbuktu through Sahara, has to pass Algerie..
      By the way, i’d like to read your fiction one day 🙂 Good luck on your writings

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