Zagora, a Door to Sahara


First day in 2016. We had no special celebration here in Zagora which kinda thing i always wanted, small city, modest and silent, only friendly greetings from the friendly fellows traveler and locals.

Zagora is neither a beautiful city nor bad, it is just one of the doors going to Sahara desert, so you can understand why at least  there are several travelers around. Today is our second day in Zagora and we decided to do fun and easy trekking around, to welcome 2016, you know, symphatic welcome 😉

It was Jabal  Zagora, the small hill not so high where we went. It was easy to spot once you are in the city as there are caligraphies of ‘the nation, Allah, and the king’ on top of it. The trek was easy peasy, only take 1.5 hours in total from where we stay (Riad Dar Zaouia) up to Jabal Zagora. It was rocky foot path and clearly signed. Once you are on the top you can see the end of palmeraie, and sand dunes slowly but sure starts to dominate the landscape.

It was magnificent, subhanallah… My first time having the view of Sahara, as far you can see is only sand. Sand dunes, beautiful  sediment layers, Draa river bed surounded by oasis, and traditional house of barber are the view that will spoil your eyes

Sahara desert itself lying down to south from Zagora but the sand dunes where many excursion and camel riding tours are located is M’hamid, 100km to south from Zagora

We stay 4D3N here, we really take our time and try to discover it by ourselves. As you perhaps already know, our way of travel is minimizing using organised tour/guide as much as we can, even though it means we don’t do things like others do in the desert (camping in bivuac in the desert, etc etc)…it’s fine for us, we are no more traveler with lots of check lists to be done.

This is the first entry of our two weeks in Morocco, sure there will be few to come, i’ll give you a bit of clue: there will be no post or photo of riding camel here, i’m not a big fan of riding an animal to show of/fun. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some photos i will post


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