Footprints in 2015


(picture taken in Flow Yoga-Ubud)

The last day in 2015. I look back  and embrace all the moments i had, all are precious. The people i met, they’re all my teachers. Not only the people who made me smile and content but also the people who have made me cry, are my teachers whom i should thank too. Without them how would i learn to feed my garden of patience? How would i feed my soul with “see good things in every people”? The ups and downs, they’re also my teachers. There should not be ups and downs, really, it was just me who judge almost all moments happened (sad, happy, memorable, difficult..etc..etc). Look at how i raised and grew up as a professional labeller and judger, do you feel the same too?

2015 is the year i learn to unlearn.. Learn to expect less, to will more, to open my heart more, to listen more, to let go more (what i dont deserve) and to be here, in the peesent. I learn to love not only people around me but also myself, not only “me” as an ego but also my body. I tried, i failed, i tried again and i repeated it. Once i knew for sure, i always hard to myself, ever since i was teen but this year i learn to forgive and laugh at myself, especially when make mistake. I learn to see white and black as a same color, then asking more questions to myself when i silently judge people. Because i believe things that i judge negatively actually are reflection of our neglectance. I learn fold the moments to be able to unfold them

2015 is the year i learn to detach, one by one, once i was then see inside myself afterwards. I learn to understand that each person including me has huge potential to be the best version of ourselves through passions. I slowly stop looking what they call happiness, because it is here and it’s aways been here, it was me who was wandering around and keep running… It’s here, i just need to sit silently and consciously diving into it. Each year i learn, but 2015 i learn in slow motion and detaching in the same time

Honestly, i had no resolution or whatsoever in this year, well either in previous year and the next year (which just  tomorrow), i just follow the path, try not to resist too much, and learn to see thing as “a synchronisation” instead of “a coincidence”.. There is no coincidence, people and moments crossed in our path are meant to be something to us, it is our task to figure it out. This year was a bit figuring out  (more) for me.

Once, i entered a prison, it was is Ramadhan. One wise man said, we need to be prisoned some times in our life, in order to connect to ourself and our soul in a silent and conscious moment. I don’t need to tell you what was after, right? 😝 It was more spritual experience than religious, i would say

Every person has their own journey and process. People we met, book we read, places we visited, babies we gave birth, news we focused on, faith we believed, moments we held, memories we kept are part of it. So are you who read this blog. I thank you for being the chain of my journey in 2015, each of you has a role in a process of my life, each of you are pieces of a puzzle. May 2016 brings us to a conscious life so that we live in the moment

Happy new year

From the cold but sunny Ouarzazate


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