A Bliss of Atlantic Sea

This post i rewrite from my journal because lately i have plenty times for writing, which is good, as i’m doing my digital detoxing during Ramadhan i wrote and drawing often in my journal and i was thinking why not moving some of posts i’ve wrote into my blog, after all that’s what blog was made for, right? So here it is, don’t mess up with the dates because you know sometimes it’s not live blog from the day. Hope you enjoy


At ‘Mouette’ -small town by the sea, located between St. Gilles Croix de Vie-St. Jean de Monts-St. Hillaire de Riez

We are having family holiday (again and again. Do you know that total day that french spent for holiday in one year is 60 days!! -yes, you read it right, 2 whole months), this time in a small town with their fqmous beach ‘plage de marines’ at the sea side of Atlantic. I like this holiday because it’s different than the usual one we have had. First, i’ m doing fasting, just several days left before Eid Fithr, so it makes sense if we don’t plan any other activities to wander around, just set in the apartment, hang around the beach which just one big jump and you are there. Frankly no activities that could running us down of energy. I even tried to lay down at the beach sometimes, it was nice, really, just have to put that big parasol so the sun not biting my skin, the summer breeze was enjoyable and we had so much fun. Next is, we are doing this digital detoxing during this holiday (i’ve been doing this from the start of Ramadhan), yeay! How nice isn’t it? Well, actually it’s all because there is no wifi here, even in the town you will barely find a cafe with wifi.. I know, i know it sounds like a nightmare-or maybe a hell, for those who are attached to the ‘world’ but here we are now, not even a movie on tablette/TV, does it sound even more cool? Yup! That’s why i’m writing a lot here in my journal, sometimes in small note book for food diary and in the blog (through cellphone). So yeah finally we have this kind of holiday, especially me who have been always busy posting and exposing the moments to social media, it’s a big journey i guess to detach it really slooooow. I can say that we interact more in the house, three of us. If Gladys sleep, Gilles will listen to the radio or read his book -in paper while myself find writing is so much relieving after cooking. Hey! We even cooked together, it was spinach tart, la tarte d’epinards in French, we loved it so much. See? How simple interaction can bring us closer and more intimate. Well, we are off to the beach now, the weather is too good just to stay at home.


Hope you guys had ‘real’ interaction today with the loved ones with real intention genuinely. Hug you all from where i am, it smells Atlantic sea down here đŸ˜€

Here are some photos you might wanna stalk, you can see how we had so much fun there


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