Ramadhan 1435 (2015)



Back to holy month of muslims, Ramadhan. A month that i have so many definition on it. And start from this year, i want to use this month as huge detox for my body. Okay, actually this is my 4th Ramadhan with my conscious eating habit which most of it adopted from food combining lifestyle please, this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle). So, this year i just decided to add more plant based on my conscious eating ramadhan. Well, basically i just consume more and more plants and fruits during break fasting and sahur but i’m a bit little too picky as now i’m also breastfeeding and here in France is summer, where the sun shine generously, 18 hours!! So how do i do my Ramadhan?

From 2011 i changed the way i eat and it includes during Ramadhan. though i change gradually i can feel that my body ‘thank’ me. It is really through a deep connection and a long journey between my body and i that finally we arrive here, today. During sahur i simply took only warm lemon water and fruits. I learned that the most easily digested food you consume during morning the easier your body and your digestion system  do their ‘work’. I didn’t feel weak (you know that sleepy feeling along day when you ate loads of rice, carbo and meat all not forget to drink that bloody ‘teh manis pake banget’), bloated (especially when you wake up in the morning after shubuh) and one more, that ‘heaven smell’ from your mouth? It’s gone! When it comes to break fasting, my choice is never go to gorengan, teh manis or kolak pisang anymore. I take simply a glass of warm water before munch on fruits. I chew fruits slowly, really slow, don’t give your body hard times. After 15-30 minutes i would eat cook food and this includes meat. By eating this way, my body can advantage the holy Ramadhan as well as it does the cleaning of our digestion.

2015 is my first Ramadhan in France. It means also first time breastfeeding (Gladys is almost 1 year in few days, since the milk is not her main food anymore, yes, i decided to fast) while fasting. It scares me in the beginning. Actually my intention was just givi it a try on the first day, if it goes well, i will continue as far as i can go. If it doesn’t go well (especially with breastfeeding) i would definitely stop right away. Now i’m in the 6th day of Ramadhan, i can say it went well with many notes. First note comes to, not to do so many activities especially outdoor because sometimes the heat just strikes you out eventhough the climate is dryer than in Indonesia. Then, second note is for the way i eat. I slightly add more plant based (could be legumes or vegetables) during sahur. So, 15-20 minutes after fruits, i would eat a bit of rice (the portion should be a lot less than your vegs and fruits) with salad, simply only with olive oil and garlic or home made tomato-basil that i always stock in frige and last before imsak, i would take green smoothis. This is a good supply for liquid and fiber as during the day i breastfeed Gladys.

This year, i don’t think i would eat meat during Ramadhan. It’s just too complicated with sirkadian cycle and the time. 10 pm is the time when the sun set, then midnight for Isya pray, then i will have to wake up again for sahur at least 3am. So, basically i only sleep 3 hours between completing dinner and sahur whereas meat or any animal protein takes 5-6 hours to be digested (if you don’t want those become waste in your body).. therefore, i was thinking, let’s use this month to practising kindness not only to others but most of all to our own body, by not giving too much work for our digestion system, by eating consciously, by being attentive to whatever we consume even to a little things (yes, even that little gorengan in your hand!)

Completing practise kindness to my body, i also add fasting to any social media this year, especially path, instagram, facebook, and twitter (have deactivated long time before Ramadhan though). I wish this Ramadhan will be a silent Ramadhan for me which could feed kindness to myself, to my soul.. So, let me begin this journey through myself.


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