The Hero of 6 Kids


The photo above is the picture of the first family who host and welcome me in Central Kalimantan. Back in early 2007, i was sent by the company to conduct general reconnaissance  somewhere Pujon area, Central Kalimantan. After several hours by vehicle from Palangkaraya, continued few hours by “klotok” i arrived in a very small village, i had no idea where to stay as there was no hostel around. Their house was the first house i reached, looked warm even with no light/electricity. I was accompanied by my 3 dayak fellows at that time, lucky.. because i don’t speak Dayak at all. In short the lady allowed us to overnight for 2-3 nights.

Since they don’t have electricity, we were happy to share our generator set, we were turning it on every 6 to 11pm. Watching movies with the girls were best moments, i felt like i was bringing a miracle into their house just by 14″ screen laptop with cartoon movie. I knew it was a blissful but i kinda enjoyed it. This family treated me very well. Despite that the lady just delivered her fifth baby one week before our arrival, despite that her husband just died recently, despite that she has other 4 girls (1 is missing in the photo) that she has to take care of, she still welcomed us, with all she has. A no fancy house with bunch of hunter dogs, huge non-ceramic tile where we slept at. Yes! that lady was also my hero as well (6 kids), her and her family will always have special place in my heart because it was for the first time i stayed with Dayak family and it was them and they were very kind.

The more i see people in whole Indonesia during my trip the more i believe, good people do good things and bad people do bad things.

Thank you, may happiness, prosperity and kindness always around your family


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