Things I Missed in Kefamenanu

I must be wrong putting the tittle, how could you have things you missed from a town called Kefa. A capital Kabupaten of Timor Tengah Utara where there is no shopping mall for sure, a town where you will run out of idea to find nice restaurants after just 3 days staying there. But, i do have! Surprise, surprise!

As i said, there is almost nothing special in Kefa, why should miss this town? If you are a backpacker, i bet 2 days are the maximum you could stay. It’s not because that bad, it’s just simply because, there’s nothing interesting here. That is from a visitor’s glasses. How about from a person that must stay in Kefa to look after her exploration project ? Ask me, then!

It’s not easy thing to fall in love to this town, (maybe a bit exaggerating to call ‘fall in love’ let’s say ‘crush on’). It’s not easy to crush on Kefa but when you have to spend most of your times there, you really have no choice. Find something to crush on or you will be suffer! Why suffer? Because i am now engaged to Kefa, living, working, develop the project together. So, after few months FIFO (fly in-fly out) into this town, here are the lists which enough to make me even stay longer

1. Rainy season. When you say ‘i love the rain’ make sure it’s also with its impact; flood, traffic jam, trash and filthy. Here, i could really say it because after enjoying massive water falling down from the sky, there were be no traffic jam, that’s for sure. Even though that means i have to walk in deep shitty mud, hehe… no worries!

2. Dawan language. This is used by most of the population in West Timor (excludes Belu, they use Tetun) includes people in Timor Leste enclave. Without being unkind to any other local languages in Indonesia, it is very fascinating when you hear them shouting in friendly way while chewing and later spitting the sirih pinang. After 1 year FIFO-ing here, i can say few greetings or sentences in Dawan. Let me write down some of my skills!!

a. Hau nau ben : Saya jalan dulu

b. Haim nau ben : Kami jalan dulu

c. On meh? : Bagaimana?

d. Mese, nua, tenu, ha, lim,ne, hitu, fanu, seo, boes : 1-10

e. Koenok Tfaen : selamat jalan

Well… i know, it’s not a lot.. hihi, but i’m proud, i can mingle just a bit with them.

3. Drinking culture. Not only in Kefa, but most of Eastern part of Indonesia drinking is common. Sopi is local name for alcohol that they make from plantation called Nira. It’s the same like Balok in Mamuju (West sulawesi). Anyway, this drinking habit is followed by drunk habit which still could make them riding a motorbike, no shit! I have seen more people drunk while riding the motorbike, some of them got accident (of course, whose not?!), some of them stop at the side of the road and lay down immediately. It’s funny yet dangerous moment to spot

My project here soon will be over in May, so it’s 1 year exactly am dealing with Kefa.. and it’s not that bad at all in the end. Somehow, i will miss this.. miss the people and the conflicts within

Corns are everywhere in rainy season

A house in Nimasi during rainy season. Corns are everywhere!

Pool table in the terrace is a common view

Pool table in the terrace. Common view in the village


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